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Don’t think you need a Personal Trainer? Think again!

Are you looking to feel healthy and body confident? Tired of the same old mundane workout? Have you hit a plateau? Are you having a hard time getting off the couch? Yup, so are we! 

We have hand-picked a team of fitness experts to help you make a real difference in your personal health and wellbeing. Our friendly and highly qualified trainers will work with you to develop a plan that suits your life and provide support to help you make a lasting change.  All of our Personal Trainers have taken additional specialist training and combine this with invaluable and unrivalled experience, knowledge and expertise – you can be sure you will be training with the best. 

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Here's why a Personal Trainer can be a real game changer for your health and fitness...

While you may have some idea of the goals you want to set, a professional is able to help you break them down into smaller goals that are specific and realistic. Our highly qualified trainers will work with you to develop a plan that suits your lifestyle and provide support to help you make a lasting change.

A personalised plan typically gives you better results than a general workout plan. Because your trainer knows your physical condition and medical background, they are able to make accommodations to the program to fit your needs and more tailored plans give better, more targeted results.

Optimise your workout
We all have areas we’d like to work on, and personal trainers can not only tell you realistically what to expect with each workout, but also how to optimise a session to target different muscle groups. One of the most important things a personal trainer can provide is proper technique. This will ensure that your workout is more efficient and also ensues you protect against injury. A personal trainer is also able to make the most of your workout time, which increases the efficiency of your exercise program. This is especially beneficial when you have a limited amount of time to exercise.

Push your limits
Just when you think you can’t go anymore, you’ll be told to “hold for another minute” or do “10 more reps.” And what do you do? You do it and are all the better for it.

Motivation is often difficult to maintain when you exercise on your own. Regular sessions with a personal trainer enhance your motivation to continue with a workout regimen. Even if you don’t use a personal trainer for every session, knowing that you’ll meet with your trainer soon will motivate you during workouts. You also get the satisfaction of showing your trainer the improvement you’ve made as your exercise program proceeds.

Keep you from plateauing
A personal trainer always has a new workout up their sleeve to keep you having fun and seeing results!  An experienced trainer teaches you a variety of exercise methods, which can keep you from getting bored. Also, if a specific exercise does not work for you, the trainer can change it to one that suits you better and provides the same physical benefits. Trainers also help you to make adjustments as your fitness level improves to ensure continued progress.

Get outside your comfort zone
Don’t expect to improve if you always exercise in your comfort zone. Personal trainers can identify a safe way of pushing you outside your comfort zone and challenging you, to help get the results you desire. Enjoy the personal challenge of getting uncomfortable and feeling fantastic for the rest of the day. It’s totally worth it!

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All levels

These classes have been specifically designed to allow participants to work at their own intensity level, with the ability to modify all exercises according to their own personal fitness.


A person new to training or an individual with below average fitness levels can be termed as a beginner. These classes are also suitable for those returning to exercise after a break/injury.


A person training at intermediate level should have a fair amount of base fitness and coordination and thus can be exposed to a higher intensity workout.


At an advanced level, the participant should have experience in subjecting themselves to high intensity training on a regular basis. Every person starting off as a beginner should aspire to reach this level.

Online booking is available for members for classes, activities and spa treatments.
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