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Introducing Facial Reflexology

A blissful workout for your face and beneficial for your body and wellbeing too! Facial Reflexology aims to help your entire body function at its optimal level...with an added extra side effect - a younger, radiant and glowing complexion. You'll notice the benefits after the very first session. The first benefit of Facial Reflexology (which includes deep tissue facial massage) is total relaxation.Imagine that deeply calming and satisfying feeling that you get in your body after an intense workout, now transfer that feeling to your face! Most people find Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ beneficial for deep relaxation as each treatment can release endorphins that promote and calm the mind thus inducing a deep state of relaxation, helping release many of the symptoms of stress and fatigue. The unique benefit of Facial Reflexology is that not only does it aim to help you improve your health and wellbeing, it can provide you with a healthy glow which can help you to look better and younger too.  The treatment can quite literally ‘lift' the face to make your face look and feel smoother and more toned. It also encourages lymphatic drainage, stimulates the facial nerves, increases blood flow and muscle tone, helps to build up new skin tissue and improves skin tone...making you look as good as you feel, and feel as good as you look. HOW DOES FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY WORK? Facial Reflexology is based on the same theory as traditional hand and foot Reflexology however in this treatment the focus is on the pressure points located on the face.  The face provides a beautiful and precise tool to read what is going on within the body’s internal organs, central nervous system and neurological system. The face’s proximity to the brain and cranial nerves makes Facial Reflexology exceptionally powerful in impacting the body systems. This non-invasive treatment is based on the theory that areas on your face are connected to areas of your body, and stimulating them improves underlying energy imbalances which promotes wellbeing. BENEFITS OF FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY The unique benefit of Facial Reflexology is that not only does it aim to help you improve your health and wellbeing, it can provide you with a healthy glow which can help you to look better and younger.  The face will look and feel smoother and more toned as circulation is improved and muscle tension is reduced.  Some clients call it a ‘mini face-lift’ as Facial Reflexology helps to strengthen layers of the skin tissue and improve skin tone, making possible benefits such as tightening drooping jowls and sagging eyelids, smoothing and softening frown lines and diminishing the effects of the years. Whilst Botox might make people look relaxed on the outside, the added benefit of Facial Reflexology creates a feeling of wellbeing on the inside as well. Additionally, the body is encouraged to eliminate toxins as the body’s healing mechanisms are stimulated. BENEFITS OF FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY
  • Aims to relieve the effects of stress.
  • Aims to improve circulation to the face and head area.
  • Improves lymphatic drainage aiding the removal of waste products and toxins.
  • Relieves tension in the muscle tissue.
  • Relieves mental strain and improves concentration.
  • Helps relieve sinusitis/congestion.
  • Has a direct rejuvenating effect of the skin and leaves the face glowing and radiant.
  • May bring about a general feeling of calmness and relaxation.
  • May relieve symptoms caused by neurological or nervous system disorder.
INTRODUCING INGRID Facial Reflexology is an innovative and powerful form of reflexology. In 2007, I trained in the Sorensen system created by Lone Sorensen Lopez,  Danish reflexologist, acupuncturist and researcher who has combined the knowledge and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, neuro-anatomy and a primitive method used by South American Indians, native to Argentina. It is a powerful system of healthcare, balancing the flow of energy in the body, preventing and giving relief from minor ailments. Due to increased circulation in the facial tissues, lymphatic drainage is enhanced and this can help to lessen the appearance of fine lines. It is ideal for stress related problems and imparts a profound sense of relaxation. I have been practising yoga for over 30 years and teaching for 25 years.  Yoga is a journey of self-discovery on many levels and ultimately of self-knowledge. It is an integral part of my life and I feel privileged to help others discover its profound benefits; physical, mental and emotional. Every part of us is connected: developing greater strength, flexibility and balance will reflect in your mental and emotional health. Becoming more co-ordinated will improve self-confidence. Learning to quieten and focus the mind precedes meditation and induces calm. Learning to relax deeply is a powerful self-healing tool that will also improve the quality of sleep. Learning to breathe consciously and efficiently can improve  energy levels and also positively affect the mind. If you are curious, book a session and I can show you that yoga is for everyone.” HOW TO BOOK YOUR SESSION Starting from 7th August, sessions can be booked on Mondays from 10.30am onwards In cottages:
  • Facial Reflexology (45 mins) - £45
  • Facial Reflexology + 121 yoga combination (1 hours 30 mins) - £85
In spa
  • Facial Reflexology (45 mins) - £50
  • Facial Reflexology + 121 yoga combination (1 hours 30 mins) - £90
Call our Country Club team on 01983 766222 or email to book your place.            
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These classes have been specifically designed to allow participants to work at their own intensity level, with the ability to modify all exercises according to their own personal fitness.


A person new to training or an individual with below average fitness levels can be termed as a beginner. These classes are also suitable for those returning to exercise after a break/injury.


A person training at intermediate level should have a fair amount of base fitness and coordination and thus can be exposed to a higher intensity workout.


At an advanced level, the participant should have experience in subjecting themselves to high intensity training on a regular basis. Every person starting off as a beginner should aspire to reach this level.

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